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Platform for Aged Care

icon A solution for Aged Care Facilities.

Software for Aged Care

Software for Aged Care Providers 


Platform for Aged is software for Aged Care Providers and helps to minimise the time spent on wading through the daily challenges of running a care facility.

It allows aged care providers to deliver quality care to those customers who receive funding via the Commonwealth Home Support Program or similar. The system is an easy-to-use management tool which streamlines the multitude of administrative tasks required to provide services to the elderly in their homes.  It manages the complexities of funding and rostering models, tracks client budgets, and generates accurate billing automatically. Staff are rostered easily according to availability and skillset, with payroll output under the correct award interpretation. Administrative nightmares are a thing of the past, enabling carers to get on with what they do best.

Start saving time



  • Customer CRM which includes goals and status notes
  • Multiple funding guides – HACC and CHSP
  • Customer funding budget and spend tracker
  • Time and attendance roster for non-customer facing staff
  • Mange staff documentation
  • Alerts to ensure compliance
  • Separate admin, employee and customer access portals
  • ‘Live’ billing and timesheets
  • Cloud based web portal and mobile app for customer information and staff management.
  • Cost based rostering of complex funding models


  • Fit for purpose software – built for individual funding models.
  • All-in-one system – includes a roster that generates billing information and uses award interpretation for payrolling, so no need for multiple systems.
  • Effective communication – access to documentation and field notes for all parties.
  • Improved processes and streamlined workflow – less time spent on administrative tasks and more time with customers.
  • Transparency for customers – the ability to access funding and spend information helps mange expectations.
  • Integration with Platform for Monitoring if required for monitoring customer and/or staff.