Formerly known as cc:People

We ensure care providers are empowered to do what they do best: deliver quality care

The demand for care services within our community is critical. Short of cloning more amazing humans to provide care, a key way to meet demand is to increase efficiencies and support for both the caregivers and the care recipients – and that means access to innovative technology.

Platform for Care, formerly known as cc:People, has developed 5 software solutions for service providers delivering care in our communities in a range of sectors, outside of hospitals.  These online solutions are built to scale and provide the features and benefits that essential service providers require to do their everyday inspiring work.

Our world class solutions deliver functional support from staff rostering and billing, to NDIS funding management, and advanced monitoring for essential workers and patients to keep them safe.  The services are delivered in a patient centric environment, enhancing the patient experience, whilst offering a cost effective solution for all stakeholders responsible for patient care.

With more than 100 years of experience delivering complex health systems across the continuum of care, Platform for Care provides critical solutions that are second to none, and importantly, always keeps the patient-carer relationship at the heart of what we do.

Our product solutions

For Hospital in the Home

Provides support to pre- and post-acute patients in their home for improved recovery and peace of mind.


For in Home Monitoring

Monitors key health indicators remotely and transfers data to our central repository where results can be assessed and appropriate action taken.

For Disability Services

Supports the delivery of compassionate care services to individuals with a disability under NDIS.

For Welfare Support

Supports the efficient delivery of key services to individuals and families in need in our communities.

For Aged Care

Supports the delivery of in-home care services to the elderly to encourage independent living as long as possible.