We make sure that care providers can do what they do best: deliver care

Today more than ever, the demand for services within the community are critical. The key to meeting demand, is to provide world leading technology that supports both our caregivers and care recipients.

Platform for Care underpins hospitals, healthcare, and support service providers so they can provide care to and connect with the community.  Our solution is built to scale and provides the systems and support for essential service providers that allows them to do their everyday inspiring work.

Our solutions delivers functional support from NDIS Rostering and Billing, to Advanced Monitoring for our essential workers, to keep them and their care recipients safe both inside and outside community service setting.

Our Hospital in the Home solution supports the acute care sector, allowing the health care professional to deliver a world class solution, that supports the clinical needs of the patient.  These clinical services are delivered in a patient centric environment, enhancing the patient experience, whilst offering a cost effective solution for all stakeholders responsible for the patients care.

With more than 100 years of experience delivering complex health systems across the continuum of care, Platform for Care provides critical solutions that is the key component in delivering care to patients by supporting our essential workers across the community.

Our product solutions

For Hospital in the Home

Provides support to pre and post-acute patients at their home.



For in Home Monitoring

Monitors key Covid-19 indicators remotely and transfers the data to our sophisticated dashboard  where results recorded, assessed and managed across the larger enterprise.

For Disability Services

Supports the delivery of supports for agencies that support individuals with a disability under NDIS.

For Welfare Support

Support the delivery of services to men, woman, families and children.

For Aged Care

Support the delivery of service to allow aged care Consumers to remain living in the community.