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Platform for HITH

icon A solution for Hospital in the Home

Software for HITH providers to deliver quality care

Platform for Hospital in the Home (HITH) allows essential support providers to seamlessly deliver high-quality clinical services in the home. The software assists HITH providers to deliver care for all diagnosis, therapies and various programs within the community and patient’s home.

We designed the system specifically for clinical service providers and it has full logistical support, including interfacing to most PAS systems, to allow for the information to flow back to the clinical continuum. This advanced feature expands and extends your organisation’s ability to offer the highest quality services possible outside of the acute setting.


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  • Cloud based portal for patient information and staff management.
  • Mobile app to support a remote workforce.
  • Access to care plans and progress notes remotely.
  • Interface with most PAS systems.
  • Cost based scheduling
  • Staff timesheets and payroll
  • Access to patient information and documentation.


  • Effective communication and collaboration – multidisciplinary teams are able to compare patient notes and confidently provide care
  • Transparency – all insights and information are available 24/7 to ensure high quality service delivery.
  • Increased patient satisfaction – effective, consistent care offered in the home where possible offers the best chance of patient recovery and reduces the likelihood of hospital admission.
  • Improved work processes for health care providers by decreasing time spent on administration
  • Enhanced staff management – easy administration of scheduling, timesheets and payroll improves communication and satisfaction amongst staff.
  • Remote monitoring of patients through full integration with our Platform for Monitoring
  • Risk reduction during the hospital re-admissions process should it be required